1. We are not going to be at Paris during your tours, but will be there on X, can we do a tour then?

No, unfortunately we cannot. We usually have set dates to the tours and stick to the dates as it helps us keep organized of the tours going on. However, if you are looking for recommendations, feel free to send us an email!

 2. How do I reserve a tour?

Contact us through the contact page of www.theparistours.com where you can book the date you’d like to join us, we will then provide you with more detail then.

3. What is the method of payment you accept?

We accept payment through Paypal only.

 4. What happens if I can’t make the tour anymore?

For cancellations 2 weeks prior to the date, you will receive a refund however a 30% fee will be retained.

 5. Why don’t you do big tour groups?

The purpose of the tours is to keep it intimate and interactive. This allows me to get to know my guests and answer any questions. Usually, smaller groups allow for more engagement amongst group members as well. 

 6. What happens when the weather is bad?

As they say, the tour must go on! Rain or shine, please be prepared to dress for the weather along with comfortable walking shoes!

 7. How long are the tours?

They are usually about 3-4 hours long. We will be munching along the way, but will have a grand tasting at the end at my Parisian apartment.

 8. How can I prepare?

The best way is to have a healthy lunch before hand and to bring a bottle of water. Of course, wear appropriate clothing and some comfortable shoes.

9. How much do the tours cost? 

They are $200 CAD per person, pastries are included in the cost. 


If we did not answer your question, please feel free to send us an email at bonjour@theparistours.com

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